Current Planned Renewable Energy Projects Totals
3,391 KW DC 3,645 MWh annually 1,585 households per year 64,887 trees/year (carbon offset)
About Wleń PS Energetyka Odnawialna
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Wleń PS Energetyka Odnawialna Sp. z o.o. (Wleń PS) is a special purpose vehicle partnership between the Municipality of Wleń and Polski Solar Holding Sp. z o.o.. Wleń PS was established to help bring energy independence from renewable energy sources to Wleń. Company activities are focused on the generation, storage and distribution of energy from renewable sources within both the Town and Municipality of Wleń.
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The goal of Wleń Polski Solar Energetyka Odnawialna Sp. z o.o. (Wleń PS) is to help achieve energy independence for the Municipality of Wleń through the installation of renewable energy projects within the community. Thanks to the cooperation of Polski Solar Holding Sp. and the Municipality, 7 solar PV micro-installations have been installed on public buildings.


A planned ground mount renewable energy plant with a total installed capacity of 2.74 MW will deliver 2,946 MWh annually to the municipality, meet the energy needs of 1,281 households per year* and reduce the carbon footprint of the municipality by the equivalent of 52,430 trees annually and provide local employment opportunities for the people of Wleń.

About Gmina Wleń

Gmina Wleń is an urban-rural gmina in Lwówek Slaski County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Its seat is the town of Wlen, which lies approximately 13 kilometres (8 mi) south-east of Lwówek Slaski, and 97 kilometres (60 mi) west of Wroclaw.

The gmina covers an area of 86 square kilometres (33.2 sq mi), and as of 2013 its total population is 4,380.

* "Energy Consumption in Households in 2009", Poland Ministry of Economy, Energy Department, 2012.